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On this week’s show Manuel and his Strings take a Latin Holiday, Tito Puente and his band do the Dance of the Headhunters, a guy named Richard Shores gets really, really Hysterical on a record called EMOTIONS, Daniele Patucchi has Sex with a Witch, and Jack Burger teaches you how to play the Bongos from a LP on a record label that even I have never heard of before.


Timmy the Tapeworm, Greg Carr, and myself bring you 3 hours of noise & collage.

Dia De Los Pizza!!

This program presents Fado, the final segment in memory of Chavela Vargas, and the sounds of “mariachi tradicional” (w/o trumpets). The literature segment will talk about the 1997 García Márquez’s proposals on the Spanish language.

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Host: Dixie Treichel

Sonic Birthday Bash
Celebrating Pioneer Composers Pauline Oliveros’ 80th & John Cage’s 100th

Adam Kaplan, Big Tent Jobs