Toki Wright’s FADERS mixtape release

Twin Cities hip-hop artist Toki Wright is a dynamic force on stage and in the recording studio. He’s also an instructor at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul. In March, he celebrated the release of “FADERS” at the Fine Line Music Cafe. This “Live from Minnesota” segment was produced for KFAI by Peter Frey.

Experience the Power of Lineage-Based, Authentic Tantra – Devi Ward

Bring Your Sexy Back and Experience the Power of Lineage-Based, Authentic Tantra™ Education with Devi Ward! Oct. 22nd
Discover the keys to unlocking your personal passion, freedom, joy & sensual self-expression with:

• The 4 Forms of Pleasure~ What they are, and how to activate that awareness in every area of your life for personal & sensual enrichment.
•The 4 Principles of Self-Pleasure for reclaiming sensual self-empowerment
•The 5 Core Pelvic Movements & Feminine Emergence Dance
•Authentic Tantra™ to activate your sexual energy and cultivate power in every area of your life
•Sensual Tantric Breathing for radical intimacy & connection

BIRTHDAYS-IN-BLUE for Rock ‘N’ Roll Tunesmith Extraordinaire ELLIE GREENWICH and One-Hit-Wonder BOBBY FULLER, along with Sounds of the Season—Autumnal Melodies for a Grey October Afternoon

Mostly answer songs today!

Ruby Nine, Part 3. The final chapters of Masque of the Red Moon. Ruby is out to discover who is causing a plague in Aberdeen Dundee, where everyone wears masks, and the masks are alive. Steampunk audio theater from ZBS.

On this evening show we are proud to have singing group Legaci. They recently completed a 2 year stint as the opening act for Justin Bieber. We are proud to have the members of the group Micha Tolentino, Chris Abad, James Atencion and Del Lasaro on the show tonight.

Meditation on Sacred Sounds

This program is special because it will provide practical information on how mantra meditation can help one feel relief from the daily effects of stress and frustrations.  ln our life there are so many demands that most of us are barely keeping up with all the responsibilities.  Over time these demands can lead to a great deai of stress.  More than ever many Americans are turning to food and other "methods" of finding reiief and relaxation to escape these demands even if for a minute.