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Fire Watch, Act 2-3

Young Bartholomew is a graduate student in history at a future Oxford University.  He is assigned to join and study the famous Fire Watch Brigade, the volunteers who kept St. Paul's Cathedral from being burned to the ground by Nazi incendiaries during the Blitz. Bartholomew falls in love, and under suspicion of being a Nazi spy.  History is very much alive.


LSEX is a cornucopia of funky inter-galactic music incorporating rhythmic, global and eclectic sounds. LSEX is a showcase of fusion, roots, reggae, dub, House, Afro-beat, rhythm and Soul from a DJing perspective

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Independent Wrestling in the Twin Cities

Katie Ka Vang, best known as a playwright, but currently also the Art & Culture Program Manager at Asian Economic Development Association (AEDA), came in to talk about the Little Mekong Night Market taking place on June 10-11, 2017 at Western and University Ave in Saint Paul.