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Tonight on the show award winning turntablisit, Mr Pteez aka DJ Ntone brings a mix of Italo Disco, Futurefunk and New 80s funk to get your feet moving! Its from Russia with love to the MAX! more about him here doing the 80s thing and here killin the 1s and 2's


1984-like drama set in the State, Centropolis, which has solved all problems and is bio-engineering a triumph over death itself. Actors are recruited to play the public, and sometimes dangerous, roles of government officials, leaving the inner workings of government to proceed independent of public scrutiny. The German drama is orchestrated into sound bites, photo opportunities, and planned leaks. 

Green or Not?

With all the "hype" on "Green" there is so much misinformation. Host Ramy Selim and guests cut through the "green washing" and help guide people through the true "green" process.

Guest: Lee Pao Xiong, Director of the Center for Hmong Studies and Professor at Concordia University

Lee Pao gives a short, but fascinating lesson about Hmong history in China dating back 5000 years! 


See Play list below. Country of origin provided when known(or even suspected).

Minneapolis-based INTERMEDIA ARTS hosts the exhibit DIMENSIONS OF INDIGENOUS & CULTURAL IDENTITY POLITICS (THRU feb.4), Hear the two major artists in the show REBEKAH CRISANTA DE YBARRA (from Central America)  & GORDON COONS.