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Episode 46 – Pardon Me while I Pardon Myself

Lady Windermere's Brass Fantabulous, Part 2

Lady Windermere is a spy with a lens hidden in her bustle, so she can record whatever happens behind her back.  She's out to help with the Not-So-Great War.  She doesn't always know what it is she's recorded.  Professor Farking Foots-Foots is playing back the recordings to set the record straight to an historian.  The series is a satirical comment on how governments create misinformation to justify their nefarious commercial interests and manipulate their own gullible people.

Obscured by Fame: The Solo Works of Pink Floyd's Roger Waters

Host Paul Learned, joined by his brother Joe, brings an hour of smartly-curated, timely songs to prepare us for Roger Waters's upcoming show in St. Paul. From the opening track laced with soundbites from Waters as he responds to critiques of his tour, to music written for a muse, Paul and Joe give us an unforgettable playlist we'll want to revisit. Catch the show here through the early morning hours of Sunday, August 6.

Va Yang, Co-Chair of the Hmong Health Care Professionals Coalition came on to talk about the Coalition, health challenges and barriers for the Hmong community and how to get involved. 

Alicia Thao is the new Hmong Music Festival Rising Star 2017! She entered an online competition and was voted by the community accross the country. Alicia blessed our show with three live songs – check it out! 


Like many cities across the U.S., Minneapolis, MN is facing an affordable housing crisis with one-bedroom apartments averaging $1,000 a month. Ironically, a building boom of apartments and condos is happening—for the "luxury" market. Plus, older housing stock is being bought up, gentrified and low-income people being pushed out. Common sense would indicate that in this context, preserving public housing would be even more critical, but the oldest public housing in the city is under threat.