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Wooden Overcoats – Episode 3: The LIttle Death

On Piffling Island in the channel there used to be only one funeral home.  Now, suddenly, there are two.  Rudyard Funn is doing increasingly bizarre and desparate things against "change" in his life.  His sister Antigone's weekly cinema trip is ruined by Rudyard's latest attempt to spite Eric Chapman.  Written by Tom Crowley, created by David K. Barnes. 

2000X – Short subjects

Marco Presents Lost Hits of the '70s

DJ Marco presented music from US and Italian popular '70s culture in three parts. Part one presented hits 1971 – 74. Part two took listeners across the Atlantic to Hits Italia. Part three featured requests and later '70s songs. Fun! Thank you Marco for the trip!


Again…..and unfortunately, all the tunes are on the computer and I do not have access to all the information necessary to do a proper playlist. So, what is listed here are the tunes I choose from physical CDs. We're very sorry, but we are trying to fix this glitch so you can see all the tunes for this show.