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Music Host / Engineer: Jean Silverberg,
News Host: Ryan Dawes
Producer: Ron Thums
Guests: Keith Downey
Programs: 99% Invisible, KOEH
Reporters: Siobhan Kierans

Storytelling with (l. to r.) Jim Brooks, Bill Watkins, and Tracie Loeffler.

Health Notes aired the first of a two part series,with teacher Dick Larson.

These times are difficult and confusing. The world seems in turmoil. Educator and counselor, Dick Larson provides information that helps explain our rapidly changing reality. He will help us to understand how the qualities of the New Age are impacting our lives and our world.

He directly challenges the millennial gloom and doom so prevalent now with a fresh new hypotheisis: a message concerning the arrival of a great teacher who will inspire us to create a future of peace, justice and cooperation

Hosts: Siobhan Kierans, Cory Washington, Xan Holston
Guests: Graham Eastmond, Terry Nightingale
Programs: Write On! Radio,
Editors: Alex Forbes, Diego Ortega
Reporters: Christina Cerruti, Paul Brohaugh

Flight of the Bumble Bee, Part 1 – a science fiction action comedy from the Radio Repertory Company of America. Deep dark plots, bone-rattling space battles and rollicking humor make this a treat for the ears.
And selected shorts from Big Fun Radio Funtime show on December 1st at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

Short, dry, simple one-liner jokes with Ben Anderson.