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The Otherness are a young rock collective from Comodoro Rivadavia, La Patagonia (Argentina).

Martin, Gonzalo, Agustín and Pablo started to play together by the end of 2009. They've toured Europe and Latin America and now they are recording and releasing new digital singles.

Visit World Exposure with Cher Dial to hear the podcast and interview! 

Health Notes shares an important conversation with Cindy Traxler about her two books, From the Inside: A Memoir and Fried chicken, Watermelon and You.
Five years ago, Cindy weighed 326lbs. She had high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, acne, sleep apnea, joint pain, and suffered from depression. In spite of the odds, and the obstacles she faced; Cindy lost 150lbs., and has been changed forever. "From the Inside," examines her weight-loss journey and offers inspirational insights on what it takes to overcome the illness of obesity.

Feature Presentation – Another from the Decoder Ring Theatre's summer showcase, Mark Time Show Time, we bring you The Velveteen Submission, or The Lighthouse at the End of the Tunnel.  Two retired old time radio actors are visited by aliens who want their help.  Mistaken identity, children, and Hollywood all figure in the story from writers Jerry Stearns and Brian Price.