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Songs of civil rights & social justice movements, in celebration of Black History Month & the late great Pete Seeger

Music Host: Ron Thums
News Host: Trisha Collopy
Producer: Ryan Dawes
Engineer: Rico Morales

Cormac O'Sé (O'Shea), Founder/Owner of The Celtic Junction was here to talk about The Celtic Junction and about his time as a principal dancer with Riverdance and play his piano accordion.

Prof. Mahmoud El Kati talks about the legacy of Civil Rights Legend, Matthew Little, Nelson Mandela and Martin Martin Luther King Jr.

When you listen closely to Mahmoud El-Kati, a life-long educator and professor emeritus of history at Macalester College, you will hear one of the more nuanced and passionate voices working in anti-racism today. ”Race is not based in genetics,” El-Kati explains. “Race is a myth. Racism is a reality.

In this important conversation, Professor El Kati helps us to understand that our history is our humanity.

Hosts: Siobhan Kierans, Cory Washington, Xan Holston
Guests: Brian LeCuyer,
Editors: Robert Easley
Programs: World Exposure, Minnesota Native News, Lake Superior Project
Reporters: Christina Cerruti, Marie Rock, Kelly Schoenfelder, Cher Dial

Two from the Sci-Fi Radio series. Imposter by Philip K. Dick. and Wall of Darkness by Arthur C. Clarke.

With Jim Rudolf – Lots of good music that may have not made it to the Twin Cities airwaves