Celebrating KFAI’s 35th birthday with Womenfolk favorites & live music from Ann Reed!

Music Host / Engineer: Blanche Sibley
News Host: Ryan Dawes
Producer: Dale Connelly
Editors: Rico Morales, Robert Easley

Gaelic football and music and malarkey.

Music Host: Cory Washington
News Host: Ryan Zickermann
Producer / Engineer: Siobhan Kierans

During the first hour we hear The Long Straight Forever recorded live at Hosmer Library.
During the second hour we had in studio guest Matt Yetter playing the blues live.

Karl had some fun today. I started out on what was nearly a binge of animal songs but was able to pull back from that abyss and used Marce Lacouture to get me on the semi straight and narrow. So lots of great Cajun tunes and a binge on new Valcour releases like Joel Savoy’s Honky Tonk Merry-Go-Round. then on to more Cajun honky tonkin’. Finished with a couple acknowledging the date of Friday the 13th. Thanks for all calls.