Music host: Jean Silverberg
News host: Terry Carter
Producer: Ron Thums

Xonxaro Baro’s Gypsy Love Show

Xonxaro Baro means “the great trick.” This live performance of the Gypsy Love Show at Amsterdam Bar and Hall features music by the Bourgeoisie Bohemians—Balkan and Gypsy performers with a touch of French circus—with storytelling by Tansy Undercrypt. Also included are three recordings by Gypsy Mania from their self-titled release, including “Butterfly,” “East Hennepin” and “Blues de Paris.” Gypsy Mania is Glen Helgeson (guitar), Gary Schulte (violin), Reynold Philipsek (guitar/vocals), Jeff Brueske (acoustic bass), Michael Bissonnette (percussion) and James Allen (guitar). Produced for KFAI by Daniel Zamzow and Nancy Sartor.

Music Host: The Nighthawk
News Host: Edwin Allen
Producer: Siobhan Kierans

In the first hour we listened to the Lannen-Jukka String Band from Finland. The concert was recorded by Chris Dronen at the Nordic Roots Festival 2007. Edited by Dan Rein.

Karl has author Ben Sandmel in to discuss his books and life playing, observing and writing about Louisiana Music.
First they talk the Hackberry Ramblers. Ben was their drummer for the last 18 years of the bands existence. Karl and Ben play lots of Hackberrys and other Cajun tunes.
Then they discuss his book Zydeco! and play some Zydeco music.
Ben hangs around to talk with Lolly on the Sugar Shop to discuss his new book, Ernie K-Doe, the Emperor of New Orleans.

Music Host: Brenda Bell Brown
News Host: Yvette Howie
Producer: Dale Connelly