Jackson Bucks joins me in the studio today for our annual "Dearly Departed Show." Remembering many of the artists who died in 2016.


Turning up the Heat on the Twin Cities airwaves featuring music from Dave Koz, Paul Hertzog, Action Jackson, Miranda Carey and an exclusive from the forthcoming album of Russian based musician Mr Pteez (ft Curlyrock) – track called "Found you in 86" . check out his first release Radio Vice here and his soundcloud and epic turntable skills here

Rest your marching feet to a 90 minute mixtape inspired and supported by Twin Cities Sister Amy McCann. Yes..

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Permanent Crap From The Past archives here.

See play list below. I will try to include any geographical information if I can, such as country of origin or the nationality of the artist(s).

This week's edition of Fubar Omniverse was pre-empted by Democracy Now's live coverage of the inauguration.  

You can find audio and video archives of the coverage at