I presented Miss Tess & The Talkbacks at Roots Rock & Deep Blues Fest, so you know I played some of their music.  Also, in the mix was some Charlie Parr, Richard Thompson, Koerner/Ray/Glover, Taj Mahal, Willie Murphy, Commander Cody, Ry Cooder, RL Burnside, Catl., and a whole lot of other stuff. 

SynthWaves hosts Sean has the night off.  From 1981 space shuttle launch and Landing to Miami Vice.  New 80s Retro Synth to Rare 80s gems , 2 hour Journey to a new dimesnion of sound.  

Travis Ramin joins DJ Izzy in a garage band grudge match just ahead of the live show at the Turf Club on Saturday, July 25, featuring the Pandoras, Lyres, the Might Mofos, L'Assassins and Beebee Gallini.

Hour 2 all songs from the early days of Dot Records, plus our Five Minute Mystery is back.