Special guest is TronicBox ( more here: ). TronicBox is the artist behind the 1980s style remixes of Justin Bieber's songs "Baby" and "What Do you Mean" (to name a few) that have recieved Millions of plays between Soundcloud and YouTube respectively. The second guest is the founder of and we discuss the website, interviews and the mega retro 80s YouTube channel, New Retro Wave.    Music featured includes August, The Midnight, Papillon Rising.    

New material by Stray Birds, Brett Detar, Sharon Jones, Jamestown Revival, Hymn For Her, The Record Company, Nick Waterhouse, and The Roosevelts.  Plus, lots of Charlie Parr, Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pigs and assorted stuff.

Friends across the ocean !  Cesaria Evora, JaJa Bashengezi & from Senegal, Cheikh Lo & Youssou N'Dour !  And another musician, friend, & a MN. family member – Mike O'Neil… who just left this plain today in Paris… A tribute to his work and connections.  Then a move into some classic Belafonte and back to Mali & Paris — before closing it all up in Brasil on the eve of the Summer Olympics opening in Rio on Friday.

See play list below