World Music

Opening today's program in St. Paul with long-time music professor at Macalester, Sowah Mensah's cd, "Gourds – NTOA".  Then another artist with MN roots, Lila Downs from Oaxaca.  Then music from Haitian ensemble, Boukman Eksperyans.  More diversity as African bandleaders, Ricardo Lemvo (Congo) & Mashek Fashek (from West Africa) are followed by a Trin-bagonian Kaiso star – Black Stalin – doing his own truth-telling.  Back home to 2 tracks from MN-born Bob Dylan and a relatively unknown song by Iowan Greg Brown.

All the ghouls, goblins, duppys, and dreads gathered for the annual “Echo Chamber of Horrors” special! With layers of special effects & soundbytes, including the movies “Dracula”, “Frankenstein”, “The Exorcist”, and more!

Halloween show

(Host: Ahmed) From Abida (Parveen) to Zeb (Bangash). Along with Amin Dang, Mooroo, Mdou Moctar, and others.

Four Groups recorded at the 2017 Global Roots Festival.  From Venezuela, Betsayda Machado.  From Haiti and Montreal, Vox Sambou.  From Korea, Hong Sung Hyun.  And from all over Latin America, LADAMA.

Monday's concert description: