World Music

featuring special guest Salvador Santibanez Sanchez

Thi’s program presents a full hour of music from Brazil, music from the Andes and Portuguese Fado.

Greg guided the rythms today. We played lots of fuzzy, buzzy, electrified music from the 1960's & 1970's today. A set from Northern Africa included Algeria, Egypt and Morrocco started the program off. We spent some time in Zanzibar listening to Taarab music and in Madagascar checking out contemporary takes on traditional tunes. The last part of the show was more buzzing and fuzzing with funk from 1970's Ghana. 

Kristina broadcasts a show live from under Lake Calhoun, and using her new CDs from Spain, she issues the challenge "Can you tell a solea por bulerias from a slow bulerias?" Can you?

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