World Music

Today we had special guest, Moises Gadea and Carlos Lumbi from Nicaragua. They were accompanied by John Radke and Ryan Billing.


Episode #398 Glen Returns and plays with Sharks, gambles on Montezuma’s Revenge, and rides the Kona Tide!

March Madness or I Still Have No Picks in the Final Four

This program consists of “In Xochitl In Cuicatl: Flowering Songs” —music and poetry from, and inspired by, Mexico’s indigenous peoples, honoring the Mexika New Year 1 House that began on March 12. (With special guest Deborah Ramos).

Play List

Kristina's back from Spain and she plays some of new releases she lugged home on this week's show.

New music from Rokia Traoré and Chico Mann, old music from Manu Dibango and Alemayehu Eshete… it’s all good!