World Music

During the first hour Nora Rendall and Brian Miller were guest and performed Irish music on flute.
In second hour, cellist, Kirsten Whitson talked and perform two contemporary cello pieces.


Visits with Pooja Goswami Pavan, Greg Herriges, and Solas

Music Host: Brenda Bell Brown
News Host Yvette Howie
Producer: Dale Connelly

A super-special, love-soaked, all-45’s Valentine’s Day edition of Kinda Cloudy Radio! Includes great tracks by Lee Fields, Eddie & Ernie, Erma Franklin, Freddie Scott, Little Beaver, Lowrell, Harry Ray, and a lowrider set from our friend Rambo Salinas!

The theme of this program is “amor y desamor” —a (sort of) celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Play List

A break in series for a show of what else – love songs by flamenco singers + one.