World Music

Big ups to Zack and the VP team for the new music.Much love.Some New Release to check out,Morgan Heritage “The Return “,Your turn To Cry by New Kingston,In My Arms & Dancing Beauty by Beres Hammond.All on VP Records.

Songs about bodybuilding, songs about saddles, songs about anatomy, songs about mules, songs about rain forests, songs about Jesus — songs to set up your volleyball net by.

A morning with Cousin Bosco Fubar

Fun night in the studio… all 45’s and only one turntable! This set is pretty similar to hanging out in my living room listening to one record at a time. Features tracks by Senor Soul, Lew “Jiggs” Kirten, Fabulous Counts, Dyke & The Blazers, Sisters Love, Roger Collins, Denise LaSalle, Bettye Levette, The Impressions, Detroit Emeralds, George Torrence & The Naturals, Little Johnny Taylor, & many more…

This program presents a survey of the Latin American “Nueva canción” movement with some of its best known pioneers. The literature segment is dedicated to Pablo Neruda, from Chile.

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