Tonight is an electric night on the show with world premieres from Sunglasses Kid ( https://sunglasseskid.bandcamp.com ) off his forthcoming album Graduation as well as an exclusive from NEW (to my ears) commers Alive By NIght ( https://soundcloud.com/alivebynight ) with a track called "Overtime".  Never heard before music and as always a fun assortment of 80s and early 90s sound bytes! 

Thanks fot Pete Lee for sitting in today  and doing a wonderful job of digging deep into jazz and related genres from the 20th Century, including a couple of different versions of Peanut Vendor, and songs from Bill Jennings & Leo Parker, Illinois Jacquet, Brother Jack McDuff, Duke Ellington, Slim Gaillard, and more… 

How do you like your hot butter? (599) 

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A midwinter warm-up with guest host Molly Kala'akeahoho'imau, presenting music by visiting artist George Kahumoku, Jr, and a tribute to Eddie Kamae (August 4, 1927 – January 7, 2017). 

The RSST Nutshell 2/9/17_

After a late birthday tribute to both Bob Marley and Derrick Harriott, we thought we'd do something a little different for our annual Skalentine's special… a musical and multilingual tribute to the guy who made Barbie Gaye's heart go giddyup… then Millie Small's, then a global army of Lollipop lovers stretching from Hong Kong (Billie Tam) to Israel (Gila Adari) to Quebec (Jacques Desrosiers and La Famille Staunton) and beyond!

Opening today's program with music from a wide variety of artists from Paris !  Including a preview of Paris Combo returning to the Dakota in a couple weeks.  Speaking of the Dakota — a listening preview of Gaby Moreno – an up & coming new artist originally from Guatemala with a wide range of modern styles at her & her band's command.  Also I offer a review of the Colombian band I did not catch in their recent visit – Monsieur Perine.  Staying in the Hispanic diaspora a couple artists made the program today – one from Peru and the other out of L.A.