Cousin Bosco Fubar stood on the DJ chair this morning. A set of election inspired tunes began the show, followed by a heavy dose of Eastern Bloc rock, finishing off nicely with some cow-punk. 

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The RSST Nutshell 8/11/16

Part two of my tribute to Michael O'Neil, musician with global connections, and a tight connection to my own history.  As an extended family member, we've visited together both in France & MN, making connections to our shared love of music & life.  Having just spent some weeks with him in Paris, his adopted home for decades, we reconnected with great zeal. On today's program you can hear some of his collaboration with poet, John Noonan alongside 3 more original compositions.

Celebrating my 62nd Birthday on the radio today. August 11th is the actual day but I thought I'd get started early by playing tunes that were special favorites of mine. Butch R. Baker stopped by to play live music for me as well, so it was a great show. See play list below.