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Alan O'Day – Love At First Night

Bell + James – Wind and Rain

Wham! – Nothing Looks The Same In The Light

Boz Scaggs – Miss Sun

Frank Stallone – Love Is A Light

David Roberts – Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Robert Lamm – A Lifetime We

Earth Wind and Fire – Fall In Love With Me *

Patti LaBelle – On My Own

Patrick Simmons – Why You Givin' Up?

Jerry Doucette – Nobody

Lee Ritenour – Cross My Heart

Ayers Rock – City Nite Life

Yasujo Agawa – LA Nights

Bee Gees – You Stepped Into My Life

A tribute to George Micael to start the show.
Then, alternating between dark & pop. Just like on ATB.
Enjoy, DJ SLT

Wham! – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go 3:52

For Christmas Eve 2017, I played lots of seasonal songs, and had a phone interview with Maud Hixson, appearing at the Park Square Theater in The Soul of Gershwin. Today's music included songs from Don Patterson, Miles Davis, Mabel Scott, Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross, Connie Evingson, and more, including a couple of non-jazz numbers and a Chanukah song from pianist Jon Simon. As per my own Christmas tradition, there was a song about toy trains, and I ended with Bull Moose Jackson singing I'll Be Home for Christmas. 

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