Special guests are Vampire Step-Dad (link here: https://vampirestepdad.bandcamp.com )  and DJ SLT host of KFAI's Across The Borad (airs weekly 2-6am cst) his weekly show and info can be found here http://kfai.org/acrosstheboard and as always streamed live when on air at kfai.org.

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Get ready as Guest Host Dave Roberts takes you into the Body of Exotica but don’t worry those Heat beams will dissapaint soon enough and you’ll be back to normal – just like Mr. Sulu.

The RSST Nutshell 5/26/16

Opening today's program in Brasil – a country undergoing a "coup d'etat" led by 'elites' and wealthy corporate leaders.  The first half hour or so features some music & voices from the Northeastern section of Brasil.  That leads into a short tribute to Bob Dylan followed by our very own Prince !  The second hour features new releases from Central and West Africa, including two tracks from Haiti as well.

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