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A day of vocal music, with special guest Tommy Lieberman on hand to talk about his new CD, Common Denominator. Songs from Kevin Mahoganny, Maurice Jacox, Diana Krall, Anita O’Day, Nochola Miller, Peggy Lee, Ben E King (yes, that Ben E King), Lambert Herndricks, and Ross, Nancy King, Sheila Jordan, King Pleasure, Stacey Kent, and Gregory Porter.

The Vocalists (A to H)

Episode #419: The Kanesville Kollection – LPs from a recent road trip to Council Bluffs IA. (PLEASE NOTE: ARCHIVE of this episode starts at the 8 minute mark. Feel free to Fast Forward past the Kenny G.).

My mind is on vacation…and my mouth is not necessarily working overtime…

8/15 in a nutshell…

In light of the upcoming Como Park Lantern Lighting Festival this Sunday, the RSST Crew this week conspired to salute Japan… even in the “Ooh”, despite there being precious little ska music from ’60s Japan. All the examples we’re aware of are versions of “My Boy Lollipop”, covered in the Opening Oldies Hour by Mie Nakao. A more recent rocksteady take by The Dreamlets gets the Home Stretch off to a mellow start. Anyway, the Ooh kicked off to the tune of Lloyd Clarke singing “Japanese Girl”, followed by “Ringo Oiwake”, not once but twice, The Skatalites and their sequel Studio 1 in-house band band Soul Bros. being the responsible parties. The “Lost Ska Decade” is represented by a pair of mid-‘70s pre-YMO Haruomi Hosono efforts, Tin Pan Alley’s presciently-titled “Yellow Magic Carnival” and Bon Voyage Co.‘s “Exotica Lullaby (Ska Beguine)”. In the Voovie Doo, Sherwood got in a third “Ringo Oiwake”, this one by Arthur Lyman, before taking us into the heart of that big round red sun with YMCK, Serani Poji and the legendary Yellow Magic Orchestra themselves. Yasutaka Nakata brings us both Capsule and Perfume, and Shiina Ringo sang “Kuki” just prior to our being serenaded by those legendary Mothra Twins The Peanuts, singing Yuji Koseki’s “Mothra” end title (not the far-more-widely-known “Mo-Su-Raaaaaaaaa-Ya!” that helped make them famous worldwide). The Home Stretch brought us the last-week-promised 10@5:05… ten dudes in a row vocalizing everything from sparse shouts and chikitup-ing to full-blown singing… everything from Kagoshima’s ARTS (“Authentic Rocksteady Traditional Ska” in case you wondered) to TSPO to Boston’s Pressure Cooker. Boston, you ask? Well, it just so happens the the mighty Cooker are headed up by one Craig Akira Fujita, heard in fine form on “Holly-O”. As I type this up, I’m learning just now that Craig and company busted out “There You Go”, new as of last October, and THAT’S great news to these ears. I’ll try to get some of that on this air before too long… tune in and stay tuned!

Outside of the first half hour, today’s show features music in the language of France. With a special guest direct from Paris, Sarah, we start with The Beatles “Michelle”, then run thru the streets of Paris to Quebec and eventually Senegal, on today’s “Global Beat”.

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