Is it true? What they say.  Do I have body odor? Can it really be that bad?  On tonight’s program,  we ignore the B.O. and the unsightly  glandular excretions in order to get to the meat of the matter: MUZAK. (570) 

Power Hour 1.7 w/Mr. Music

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Trios in Concert: Krar Collective and Septentrio

Liquid Soul Experience with Stacey Taylor and Uche Iroegbu

Liquid Soul Experience (LSEX) Hotter than July.Thursday Night Residency w/DJ ST and Uche.  LSEX is a  culturally conscious blended cornucopia of funky inter-galactic sounds showcasing a fusion of eclectic rhythms from roots R& B,  Global, Reggae, Dub, House, Afro-beat and Soul music from a DJing perspective. LSEX KFAI @ KFAI.ORG.



Lisa Larges, Outreach Cordinator for State Services for The Blind.

WORSHIP THURSDAY!! “…to honor with extravagant love and extreme submission!” And we’ve got just the music by some of the best worship leaders around! 

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Welcome to the Echo Chamber's Neil Armstrong commemorative show of Space Month, the episode we like to call "Lunar Lunacy."  Scanning a wee bit down the playlist, past the new Jah Wobble (with Invaders of the Heart), Ancient Astronauts, and Culture ("Intergalactic Excursion"),  we come across Astralasia, who named their tune "Univeria Zekt" after a band which was a Christian Vander side project.