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Doug is out of "the office" — but Tony Paul brings some "Shakin' & Baking" — old and new skool !!  Check it out… thanks Tony !!

Danielle Daniel aka MagicTeller

The Hardest Working Storyteller in the Midwest

Listen as the MagicTeller reminisces, 

shares a story 

& comments on 'dis and 'dat.

Danielle Daniel . . .

. . . as educator: with COMPAS

The Drifter

The pilot episode of a series that didn't catch on, The Drifter is the story of a student who gets involved in an experiment to travel between dimensions.  The series was proposed by Pirated Productions, story written by Lawrence Watt-Evans, and adapted by Scott Dikkers.  They're the people who brought us The Radio Pirates. 

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Elevator Pirates