The UK connection. (585)

Guest host: Mason Butler

with Stephanie + Willem of Sass and Danielle from Bruise Violet/Tony Peachka.

LaSalle Gabriel – The Room (12")

The Jets – Crush On You (12")

Lutheran Heat – Stay Cool – A Show of Mr. Hands

Graveyard Club – Cellar Door

Waveless – Dark Day

D I I E – Range

Lunch Duchess – How You Love

The Controversial New "Skinny" Pill – Told Ya So

Kitten Forever – Temple

Royal Brat – Swim

Half Tramp – In A Day

Janitor Joe – Early Retirement

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SynthWaves takes over the Friday Noon till 2 Lunch hour on KFAI makin it the raddest lunch time since 1989.  Music by Casio Social Club, Rad Rush Crew, Sebastian Gample, First Impressions, NKOTB, Foret De Vin, FM-84, The Midnight, VHS Dreams, and more! SynthWaves can be heard weekly live on KFAI from 10:30pm till Midnight.  

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Jenine Stanley talks about the TSA air carrier act, air travel regulations with trained service animals, emotional support animals, etc.

Spotlight: VIVA LAKELAND!! Featuring 9 great independent Christian artists from the city of “swans!” Plus a special bonus!

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Hosted by Miguel Vargas y Terrell LaMarr, Guest Performance by Tufawon, featuring Bomba Umoya, and DJ Ganzobean.