Synthwaves ( ) takes over as host and brings you on a journey into sound.  Rockin the first couple hours featuring rare 80s and 90s AOR cuts from Kinkg Kobra to Tim Feehan.  As always bringing you the best and latest from the New 80s scene, an exclusive track from Professor Zonic Zynth and much more.   From an episode of Tales from the Crypt directed by Arnold Schwarzeneger to "Crypt Jam" by Chuckii Booker, broadcasting from a thunderstorm and beach on a tropical ocean front, Enjoy 4 hours of pure listening entertainment!

Episode #504 – Honey Boo Boo will be 520 years old in the year 2525 – IF man is still alive (and cryogenics actually works).

Cousin Bosco Fubar was in studio with a two hour stretch of Beatnik-y Jazz, Latin-esqe grooves, South African Rock and Jazz from the 50's and international foolery from the 3 Mustaphas 3. If you ever wondered what happened to the cow that shattered into a million pieces, this is the place for you to be. Don't worry, Cousin Blanche will be back next week.