This week's program opens with music form Ireland and the band, Kila.  Then another tribute set to Prince, from Hit n Run – Phase 2.  His "Rock & Roll Love Affair" and a reprise of his calling out to "Take All the Guns Away" – Baltimore !  Before a preview from Michael Franti's return to St. Paul – I also play a set of regional favorite indigenous poet-singer-activists John Trudell and Floyd Westerman.

That's What You Get members Dawn Sauvignon and Mike Reagan joined Spin with Cyn celebrating the release of their new limited edition vinyl, "Party Songs for Future Wars" and their Saturday night Grumpy's DT July residency (shows at 10 p.m.)! We spun from their new vinyl, and many favorites, including local bands Gang Font, The Hand, Ol' Yeller, Frances Gumm, The Replacements and more!


The Fourth Tower of Inverness

Further episodes in the ongoing story of Jack Flanders and his ability to get into the invisible 4th Tower of the mansion owned by his family.  Tonight Jack gets into some very tough situations.  Written by Meatball Fulton, with music by Tim Clark.  From


Music from Colombia, Brazil, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Jamaica, and more!

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