Heart of the City Radio – June 7, 2018 Episode 174 (70 min. NEW) Summer All-Music Series, Part 1 “All Bands”. Playing 17 of our favorite uncut songs from MN, CA, IA, TN, NC and FL!

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Highlights from today's episode include many women's voices from Cuba, Brasil, Portugal, and the Arctic region as well. Also musicians from Peru, the Amazon region, and Cuba.  The program today closes with a Canadian tribute to our local legend, Prince and a South African classic by "The Manhattan Brothers".

Rocket Pierre: Trapper of the Stars

Four episodes of Rocket Pierre from the series Stars & Stuff from ZBS.  

Rocket Pierre and the Peanut People of Pluto

Rocket Pierre and the Nincompoop of Neptune

Rocket Pierre and the Space Scoundrels

Rocket Pierre and the Crown Jewels of Jupiter