With roots firmly set in the Black American choral tradition, the Sounds of Blackness were founded in 1969 by Russell Knighton on the campus of Saint Paul’s Macalester College.  Since 1971, Director Gary Dennis Hines has nurtured these Minnesota vocal and instrumental talents whose abilities cover several genres of music including gospel, R&B, soul and jazz.   I spoke with Gary about what inspires his inspirational music direction.  His ready response?  The musical nurturing provided by his mother, Twin Cities Jazz Legend, the late Doris Hines.   

Hour 1:

Barefoot Jerry – Come To Me Tonight

Al Stewart – On The Board

Richard Torrance – Anything's Possible

Michael Johnson – It's Almost Like Being In Love

Richard "Dimples" Fields – If It Ain't One Thing, It's Another

Orleans – Reach

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Rock photographer Dan Corrigan and music journalist, Danny Sigelman, co-authors of "Heyday: 35 Years of Music in Minneapolis" out on Minnesota Historical Society Press joined Spin with Cyn sharing stories about the book and Corrigan's photography of musicians over the years, and spun music of some of the artists featured in the book.

Wooden Overcoats, Episode 8 – The Trial of Rudyard

Rudyard stands accused of a dastardly crime – the death of Eric Chapman – and only Antigone can discover the truth.  Written by David K. Barnes. See more at  This is the last episode of Season 1.  Season 2 podcasts have begun and can be obtained on iTunes or anywhere podcasts can be subscribed to.  

The Last Shuttle