Julie Anderson and Mark Valenziano, Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Our First Polka Show!

"Live From Studio 5!" scours the Earth to bring you varied genres of entertainment and this week it's The Brass Barn Polka Band. Who knows, some day we'll even have Opera! But this week Polka music fills the airwaves from Studio 5. Check it out, these guys are very S-M-O-O-O-T-H.

SOPA de Que?” Twin Cities Hip Hop is featured on this episode of Radio Pocho plus we give you the scoop on SOPA and not the kind our jefitas make.

Tonight The Echo Chamber commemorated the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. – featuring the “I Have A Dream” speech as well as parts of the “But If Not” sermon, and of course many tracks fitting the theme. Brand new music from SOJA, Sir Oliver Skardy & Fahrenheit 451, African Head Charge, Dubsalon, Dub for Light, Rivel feat. K.E.M., Fumitake Uchida, and more.

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If you are a Sun Lover this is your kinda show. If you dig Pulsations, this is your kinda show. If the song titles Lust, Tony’s Wife, and Snake Dancer fire your loins, this is your kinda show. If you like Tropical Fire with Your Voodoo, this is your kinda show. And if you can take a few Hammer blows, Day in and Day out, without throwing in the towel, THIS is your kinda show.

d.j. cozy little (Rocket Ship Ska Trip) is in for an ailing Johnny D this week, bringing you a taste of the overnight into the afternoon… enjoy!

Tom Ardolino, RIP, in NRBQ and Song Poem form; If David Fincher wouldn’t give you the Stockholm Archipelago, the Fubar Omniverse can; and some hot numbers left over from KFAI Rocks

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