Minutes of the October 2023 Fresh Air, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes for October 23, 2023 meeting of the Fresh Air, Inc. Board of Directors

01. Call to order and roll call
Appoint Timekeeper

Kevin called the meeting to order at 7:07, read the mission statement and land acknowledgement.  Jacque volunteered to serve as timekeeper.

Members in attendance: Kevin, Jacque, Chris, Michael
Members absent: David
KFAI Staff present: Nora
Public guests: Michael Senay (Voice of Ethiopia)

02. Welcome and opening remarks

Kevin has one foot out the door on his way to Morocco!  He had some great conversations recently calling our major donors and perhaps even heard some interest in serving on the board or the CAB in the future.

03. Approve consent agenda
Meeting agenda
Minutes of September 2023 meeting

By unanimous consent, the agenda and minutes were approved.

04. Introduction of guests

Michael Senay is here!

Board Business

05. Update on Strategic Planning Mission, Vision and Values and CAB Planning update (Jacque & Nora)

Jacque and Nora are working on an official invitation for CAB kickoff.  It will be held at a catered event Thursday 11/16 at All Square with the hopes that all of the invitations will be sent out tomorrow.

Our next Strategic Planning meeting is scheduled to take place Monday, 11/13 where we hope to move into the final phase of our planning.

Business Reports

06. General Manager’s report (Nora)

With our member drive on, a briefer report this month.

Volunteer coordinator position (now part-time with option to go to full time): moving forward asking applicants if they are still interested in a part-time role or would prefer to opt out.

We are going to post for a new broadcast engineer (contract) hoping to attract a local candidate to supplement the mostly remote help we have now.

Our Fall Drive is going well so far!  We’re wrapping up day 6 of 14.

Our equipment didn’t work as expected during the national EAS test – we found that the signal was rerouted to the wrong computer which didn’t put the signal over the air as it should have.  We think we have that fixed now.  It’s good that we have the tests to get that fixed and upgraded!

Our IAS (archive) server has been upgraded!  It’s our hope that finally, we’ll no longer have any “Friday at 10” upgrades knocking out our stream and archive recording processes.  Those people who have finely tuned ears are telling us things sound better!

The equipment inventory is in progress.

The Funkraiser will take place Thursday, November 16.

Welcome “Skatetown USA” to the permanent schedule, Wednesdays 2PM-4PM!  TJ thanked the academy.

07. Treasurer’s report for July (Jacque)
08. Update on budgeting process (Jacque)

Jacque:  No treasurer’s report in the packet – two reports in November’s packet.

Kevin, Jacque and Nora had a meeting with Darrell B. from Propel Nonprofit to discuss strategy/plans for 2023 and 2024.

A revised budget proposal will be ready by next meeting and may change depending on the results of the current member drive (but not by much).

Our “money incoming” and “money outgoing” numbers are pretty close.

Improving our account practices should give us better quality reports, which will in turn improve our budgeting process.

Kevin reiterated that the meeting with Darrell was very helpful and will have future benefits.

09. 8:05 – Preview goals for next month’s board meeting (Kevin)

Kevin asked for an update on board elections.  Everyone present said they would run again.  Kevin suggested to Michael S. that he consider running, why not?

The form is now live for anyone wishing to be a candidate for Board of Directors!

Kevin says he’s been having some very productive meetings with Ciara and they’ve been helping each other.  He’s learned a lot about our underwriting!

10. Public comment (three-minute limit OR one question/followup each)

Michael thanks the board.  He’s now a repeat attendee!

11. Adjourn

A motion to adjourn was unanimously passed at 7:58.

Respectfully submitted,
Christopher Robin Zimmerman


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