MinneCulture is KFAI’s award-winning audio storytelling program. We produce audio documentaries exploring Minnesota’s art, culture, and history — stories about musical sensations, small town heroes, cultural icons, local lore, and everything in between.

MinneCulture is produced by audio producers from around Minnesota and is edited and executive produced by Julie Censullo.

Our work is available on SoundCloud, PRX, and on KFAI on MinneCulture Presents on Mondays at 1pm. KFAI’s MinneCulture is also available wherever you get your podcasts.

Pitch us!

We accept pitches for MinneCulture’s 10,000 Fresh Voices series (4-6 min stories) on a rolling basis. We accept pitches from both new and experienced producers, and we are happy to provide production support to newer producers. If you are interested in producing a short documentary, sound portrait, profile, or another type of audio story about Minnesota, submit your ideas using the pitch form below. Please select “10,000 Fresh Voices” in the project tab at the bottom of the form.

We also produce two types of long-form content. All long-form pieces are published on the MinneCulture  podcast, which recently won First Place for Best Podcast at the Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists Page One Awards. The types of long-form content that we produce are:

  • MinneCulture Podcast episodes (12-20 minutes). These can focus on any Minnesota arts, culture, or history topic.
  • MinneCulture In-Depth documentaries (30-60 minutes). These should have a Minnesota history focus and often involve original research.

The due date for MinneCulture Podcast and MinneCulture In-Depth pitches is now closed.  We are only accepting pitches for 10,000 Fresh Voices pieces. Check back here for future updates.

Submit pitches here: MinneCulture Pitch Form


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Support for MinneCulture on KFAI is provided by the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund. For more information, reach out to [email protected].

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