MinneCulture | The Phantom Caller of the Twin Cities

MinneCulture | The Phantom Caller of the Twin Cities

Today on MinneCulture, we’re bringing you the story of another local radio legend. KSTP-AM is one of Minnesota’s oldest and formerly most successful radio stations. By the 90’s, it had been mostly forgotten, as fans flocked to FM. While music fans enjoyed the stereophonic sounds on the other side of the dial, a new form of radio program began to emerge. Before long, talk radio flourished across the United States, and nowhere was it strong than at “The Talk Station.”

Fueled by a desire to shake up the radio landscape, Hubbard Broadcasting’s Ginny Morris took charge of the station and hired a new set of voices in the Twin Cities to break up the status quo. It was an eclectic cast of characters, and none of them were more unique than Tommy Mischke. Left to his own devices and given the keys to a late night kingdom, the renegade broadcaster blazed his own path. Hear from his colleagues and managers to get the inside story about what made The Mischke Broadcast one of Minnesota’s favorite radio shows, it’s legacy and why it’s a show that could only happen here.

Today, Tommy Mischke might be known as a podcaster and book author, but long before that he known by Twin Cities radio fans as only “The Phantom Caller.”

This documentary was produced Kyle Shiely Hear more classic Mischke bits at MischkeMadness.com and keep up with Tommy at the Mischke Roadshow. Find more of Kyle’s work at kyleshiely.com.

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