KFAI’s Wellness Signal | LeadMN: “The Next Leaders in Line”

KFAI’s Wellness Signal | LeadMN: “The Next Leaders in Line”


LeadMN is a student leadership and advocacy organization that primarily works on behalf of two-year college students.

“We serve international students, students of color, students with disabilities and parenting students,” says Hawa Fofana, Manager of Equity and Inclusion at LeadMN.

“And so the more traditional 19 or 20 year-old student coming right out of high school isn’t more important than that 35 year-old mom that’s going back to school,” says Fofana.

“We need to meet all those competing needs.”

LeadMN offers leadership workshops and connects students with legislators for their annual Advocacy Day where students learn about how to affect policy change. They also offer scholarships and emergency grants to support students on their educational journey. LeadMN’s Center for Learning trains student leaders on cultural intelligence, conflict resolution, and professional advancement.

LeadMN’s student wellness event is March 22nd. They’ll have workshop sessions, job readiness resources, networking opportunities, a vaccine clinic and LUNCH! The registration deadline is March 18. You can register at LeadMN.org.

KFAI’s Ryan Dawes produced that audio portrait with support from the Minnesota Department of Health.


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