IWD2021 – #ChooseToChallenge

IWD2021 – #ChooseToChallenge

#ChooseToChallenge A challenged world is an alert world. Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions – all day, every day. We can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality. We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements. Collectively, we can all help create an inclusive world. From challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge.

Program Name Host Names Program Description

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 12am – IWD 2021 – DJ U

DJ-U MADRE ROSA, Sci Fi DJ-U’s mission is to cultivate the artistic and financial possibility of femme, fluid, non-binary, and gender expansive Black, Indigenous and People of Color DJs by offering participants DJ skills and professional development resources. DJ-U offers a unique blend of history, style and technical skills in order to prepare new DJs for professional and personal success. DJ-U works to promote an intentional network of high-quality, multicultural, and local DJs through workshops, one-on-one coaching, and community building. This all vinyl mix by MADRE and sci fi is dedicated to the water protectors stopping line 3.

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 2am – IWD 2021 – This Little Girl’s Gone Honky Tonkin’

This Little Girl’s Gone Honky Tonkin’ Mick Novak ENCORE PRESENTATION from 2014 – Mick Novak rounds up a posse of rockin’, twangin’ and boppin’ ladies on the country/rockabilly side… and maybe Little Marcy.

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 3am – IWD 2021 – Don’t Call Me Darling

Don’t Call Me Darling Anna Evaslage ENCORE PRESENTATION from 2018 – “Don’t Call Me Darling” is a music program celebrated female-fronted music acts, from punk, post-punk, riot grrl and beyond, who weren’t afraid to sing what they had to say with a snarl.

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 4am – IWD 2021 – Rebel Grrrl

REBEL GRRRL Grace Baldwin Lace up your combat boots, cuz March 8th is international women’s day and KFAI is opening up this pit! Tune in with your host, Grace Baldwin, to hear the incomplete history of the powerful women who made punk what it is today. ‘Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard’… but not us!”

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 5am – IWD 2021 – Self Care For The Soul

Self Care for the Soul Abeni Hill Self-Care for the Soul will take listeners on a journey of self compassion and self acceptance. The program will explore methods to practicing self care such as meditating, positive psychology, and daily rituals. Abeni Hill will guide listeners through her self care journey as well her journey living with and healing from anxiety and depression.

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 6am – IWD 2021 – AM Drive

AM Drive Barb Abney, Savannah Rose Spinning songs from powerhouse women from all over the musical map including Mae West, Pussy Riot, Sampa the great and more!

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 8am – IWD 2021 – Sprig Of That – Eight Threads Unraveled

Sprig of That’s “Eight Threads: Unraveled” Isabel Dammann, Krissy Bergmark Hear the stories behind Minneapolis-based acoustic folk trio Sprig of That’s new album: “Eight Threads”. Go beyond the music and hear about each piece directly from composers Asuka Kakitani, Kashimana Ahua, Michelle Kinney and Erika Malpass. Hosted by bandmates Krissy Bergmark and Isabel Dammann, Sprig of That’s “Eight Threads: Unraveled” explores nature appreciation, breaking down gender and racial barriers in the arts, the urgency of the climate crisis, finding inspiration in poetry and dreams, and more.

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 9am – IWD 2021 – Native American Community Clinic

Native American Community Clinic Dr. Laurelle Myhra and guests Discussing the affect COVID-19 has had on Native American and Indigenious Women in the health care system.

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 10am – IWD 2021 – #METOOMPLS

#METOO Ann Treacy Released in Summer 2020, #MeTooMpls is an album, and movement, that lifts the voices of women/ femmes/ trans/ nonbinary folks in Minneapolis to support sexual assault survivors and to raise funds for Planned Parenthood. We will showcase music from the album and conversations with various artists.

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 11am – IWD 2021 – Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment

Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment Nausheena Hussain, Zaynab Abdi, Maya Soriano Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment is a nonprofit organization based in North Minneapolis with a mission to amplify the voice and power of Muslim women. Join Reviving Sisterhood’s Executive Director, Nausheena Hussain, Civic Engagement Coordinator, Zaynab Abdi, and Teacher Leader at Lirio Montessori, Maya Soriano, for a discussion about the effects of COVID-19 on unsheltered communities and in education. As frontline responders, healers, caregivers, navigators, builders, disruptors, and storytellers, Zaynab and Maya will illustrate how Muslim women have been an integral part of our community’s social change ecosystem during the COVID-19 global pandemic

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 12pm – IWD 2021 – Homelessness, Health and Haven Housing

Homelessness, Health and Haven Housing Monica Nilsson

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 1pm – IWD 2021 – Burn Something Collective Talks

Burn Something Collective Talks Zola Richardson and Adrienne Doyle Discussing the upcoming Derek Chauvin trial, past historic trials, and how Black & POCI women have survived through uncertainty.

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 2pm – IWD 2021 – Jewish Womens Voices

Jewish Women’s Voices Ariella Forestein Join Ariella as she plays songs written and/or performed by Jewish women from around the world. She will discuss the spice and flavor of the music- some being traditionally Jewish, and some not, and give background about the musicians. Join Ariella as she also talks about the journey of being a Jewish women, and how expansive that can be across boarders of reform, conservative and orthodox Judaism, and renewal.

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 3pm – IWD 2021 – Rock Talk With She Rock She Rock

Rock Talk with She Rock She Rock Jenny Case, Allegra Wallingford She Rock She Rock is a Twin Cities nonprofit dedicated to empowering girls, women, trans and nonbinary folks through the art of music. Join Jenny & Allegra as they showcase music from program participants and teachers and learn more about She Rock She Rock’s programming.

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 4pm – IWD 2021 – Gully Boys

Gully Boys Gully Boys Gully Boys discuss their journey to becoming a band and spin a playlist of their favorite local musicians

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 5pm – IWD 2021 – SNITCH!

SNITCH! Aria Binns SNITCH! Podcast is a historical venture that dives into the stories of the lost and forgotten through a storytelling lens. While it is based in history, we have episodes that are steeped in current events, people and movements. It is a dedication to the truth and validity of black and brown individuals and movements.

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 6pm – IWD 2021 – Bug and Mama’s Jams

Bug & Mama’s Jams Georgia & Bug Ramin An 11 year old and their mom will play music written and created by women – all singalong and dance along favorites! Get ready to dance along!

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 7pm – IWD 2021 – Health Notes

Health Notes Kinshasha Kambui Showcasing the greatness of African American women through story and song

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 8pm – IWD 2021 – Matter of Fat

A Matter of Fat Cat Polivoda + Saraya Boghani Matter of Fat is a body positive podcast with Midwest sensibilities. Join Cat & Saraya as they discuss fat liberation, fatphobia and body positivity.

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 9pm – IWD 2021 – Unfinished

Unfinished Quinn Villagomez Quinn will discuss her Transition these past 4 years from start to middle to end…but wait UNFINISHED!! Quinn shares her thoughts and what it’s like this far being in her transition, and where her UNFINISHED transition is going.

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · 10pm – IWD 2021 – Spin With Cyn

Spin with Cyn Cyn Collins Spinning women in punk, post-punk, indie-rock, psychedelic, garage, funk and more from near and far!

KFAI – Fresh Air Community Radio · Online – IWD 2021 – Unveiled Beauty: Women, Stories & Bravery

Unveiled Beauty: Women, Stories & Bravery Lisa Harris Listen to Unveiled Beauty storytellers sharie their stories ranging from personal challenges, mental health, addiction and/or sexual abuse with a focus on lessons learned and their healing journey. KFAI listeners will be reminded that despite the messages of division, we are all on this journey together. In our darkest moments, there is always light.


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