Radio Documentaries by Dixie Treichel

10,000 Fresh Voices and MinneCulture programs are part of KFAI's Legacy Project, which highlights Minnesota arts, culture, music and history.
10,000 Fresh Voices airs weekday mornings at 7:40am.
MinneCulture airs every Monday and Wednesday evening, from 7:30 to 8pm.
MinneCulture programs will be in the KFAI archives for two weeks after being aired

All audio documentaries are posted on
AMPERS/IPR (Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations/Independent Public Radio) and Public Radio Exchange, Funding for 10,000 Fresh Voices and MinneCulture comes from KFAI listeners, and the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Foundation.

Here are the AMPERS links to my radio documentaries, stories and portraits.

MinneCulture (listed alphabetically) approx 29:00 min


10,000 Fresh Voices (listed alphabetically) 2:00-15:00 min