10/07/2020 MinneCulture Presents

MinneCulture Presents
October 7, 2020

DJs: Micah Whetstone

Coronavirus Conspiracism from Open Source
It is high season for conspiracy. We are in an epic battle against coronavirus misinformation and all sorts of people are being blamed for Covid 19: Bill Gates, Globalism, Dr. Fauci, China. Plus, YouTube’s endless stream of propagandistic videos can have a compelling voice, a high-quality documentary look, lots of added effects, and typically go for a hard sell. Some recognize it as propaganda while others hear galvanizing truth. This week, Open Source’s Chris Lydon speaks with Errol Morris, the documentary filmmaker, about the search for truth in visual media. We’ll also hear from Vice’s Anna Merlan and Jay Rosen, a Professor of Journalism at NYU.