07/16/2019 Write On Radio

Write On! Radio
July 16, 2019

DJs: Write On Radio Collective

Tonight on Write On! Radio, Dan will be talking to Kelly Grosklags about her book A Comforted Heart.  A Comforted Heart was born out of Kelly’s strong desire to share the wisdom she has accumulated working with the critically ill and those experiencing loss. For nearly 25 years, Kelly Grosklags has dedicated her practice to minimizing suffering through her work in oncology, palliative care, and hospice. She is an experienced therapist and a gifted speaker. Contact information, as well as dates for her upcoming lectures can be found at www.cwkonline.net. A Comforted Heart can be purchased on Amazon.


Also, Josh talks with Ron Padgett about his new poetry collection Big Cabin. Written over three seasons in a Vermont cabin, these poems act as a reflecting pool, casting back mortality, consciousness, and time in new crystal-clear light. In addition to being a poet, he is also the translator of Guillame Apollinaire, Pierre Reverdy, and Blaise Cendras. His work has been translated into eighteen languages.