07/10/2019 MinneCulture Presents

MinneCulture Presents
July 10, 2019

DJs: Micah Whetstone

MinneCulture Podcast, Ep. 19: Minnesota Eats from KFAI
Immigrants are spicing up Minnesota food. In this episode of the MinneCulture Podcast, host Jumondeh Tweh gets cooking tips from his Liberian mother and listens-in on stories about Hmong and Somali food. Follow us inside three kitchens to learn more about the intersection of food and culture and the ever-shifting definitions of traditional cuisine.

MinneCulture Podcast, Ep. 20: Minnesota Musicians, in Their Own Words from KFAI
Meet some Minnesota musicians that take old music, and put their own twist on it. Jumondeh goes backstage at a Saint Paul jazz club with Debbie Duncan who’s known as the Twin Cities’ “First Lady of Song.” We’ll also travel to South Minneapolis, where Minnesota’s oldest African American drum corps is keeping an old musical tradition alive. And we hear from some passionate classical musicians at the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra about the album that won them a Grammy in 2018.

From Vacant Lot to Skate-able Park by Emily Bright
On a busy street corner in North Minneapolis, there once stood a fenced-off, vacant lot. It was the site of a building Juxtaposition Arts had to tear down. While they worked to fund a new building, they weren’t about to let that space go to waste. What stands there now is a community gathering spot complete with some very cool artwork – and teenagers were a key part of the design process.