04/15/2020 MinneCulture Presents

MinneCulture Presents
April 15, 2020

DJs: Micah Whetstone

Spotlight on Minnesotan Poets from MinneCulture

Come celebrate¬†National Poetry Month¬†with the crew of¬†MinneCulture producers. While looking over their collective body of work, we realized it wouldn’t even be possible to fit all of their stories into a one-hour episode. However, we’ll air as many as we can! Hear some of MinneCulture’s best stories about Minnesotan poets Danez Smith,¬†Linda LeGarde Grover,¬†Sun Yung Shin,¬†David Mura,¬†Anthony Ceballos, and others. Alongside profiles of Twin Cities spoken-word-scene giants¬†Adina Burke¬†and¬†Danny Klecko, plus¬†Nicholle Ramsey, who has redefined the Winona poetry scene. We’ll also hear from poet song-writers Dessa¬†and¬†Brian Laidlaw¬†too. This episode features stories from¬†Emily Bright,¬†Britta Greene,¬†Britt Aamodt,¬†Jared Goyette,¬†Diane Richard,¬†Sylvia Thomas, and sound artist¬†Dixie Treichel.