04/07/2021 MinneCulture Presents

MinneCulture Presents
April 7, 2021

DJs: Micah Whetstone

Crossing Borders from Hearing Voices ~
Crossing Borders, a Peabody award-winning documentary, is a snapshot of America’s immigration debate. It’s shocking how little has changed in the 15 years since it was first produced; between its interviews of anxious border-bound immigrants and weary agents of  the Border Patrol, it could have been recorded yesterday. Its vivid audio mural shows how and perhaps why thousands try to immigrate to the United States illegally as well as what their harrowing and hazardous desert journeys can entail. Though the courage and hope we see in the migrants can be inspiring, we also learn that the fates which can befall them are equally horrifying. The great Scott Carrier helps to create a sonic portrait that makes both a desert and a political issue live and breathe.