FRI.Nov.9 on CATALYST: annual Veterans/Armistice Day

Considering veterans experience of war and the policies that create war. Retired Col,aAndrew bacevitch re-considers the Vietnam Warr from his book "Washington Rules". Vietnam veteran Hugh THOmson rescued civillians during the My Lai massacre. Since Iran is the most prominent country on the U,S< target list for the next war: hear from ex-pat Iranian playwright, Kiomars Marafi taking aobut his current play "he Skyless City" being produced in St.Paul (see event info blow)Utah Phillips, singer-songwriter, IWW, anti-war and labor activist on his experiences as a yu9ng soldier in the Korean War. Music by DAVID ROVICS who performs Nov.12 in minneapolis (see EVENTS).


SUN.NOV. 11 annual VETERANS FOR PEACE Armistice/Veterans Day "ringin of the bells": 10:30 am near the Vietnam War Memprial on the MN State Capitol grounds, St.Paul.

MON.NOV. 12: CONCERT by DAVID ROVICS(benefit for environmental activist/political prisoner marie Mason). 4200 Cedar Ave. South, Minneapolis

NOV.8-18 THE SKYLESS CITY by Iranian playwright/director Kiromars Maradi, Dreamland Arts, 677 Hamlin, St.Paul For info: 651-645-5506