International Woman's Day 2013

International Women's Day March 8, 2013: Airwaves Full of Women 

IWD is a holiday recognized by the United Nations and is celebrated throughout the world on March 8. KFAI has been celebrating International Women’s Day since 1989! KFAI celebrates IWD with 24 hours of programming, providing expanded opportunities for women’s and girls’ voices to be heard on the airwaves. We do this by inviting girls and women from the Twin Cities area to produce special radio shows for IWD.

See the full 24 hour broadcast schedule below.

12-2am Many a Woman’s Voice, Hosted by Rmay
  Celebrates the music of women from soul, jazz, rock, classical, and world music. You’ll either be tapping your foot or dancing around your living room.
2-3am Women Storytellers Tell Tales About Women, Hosted by Britt Aamodt
  Twin Cities women storytellers gather around the mic to trade favorite stories about legendary, mythic and quite ordinary women.
3-4am Music From Bangladesh, Hosted by Bangladeshi Naari
  This program is to share music from prominent Bangladeshi woman singers.
4-6am Winyan Dowanpi (The Women are Singing), Hosted by The First Nations Composer Initiative
  Showcases the women grantees and women advisors from our Common Ground Program.
6-7am Four Women Black: Part of the Ancestral Wrap Project, Hosted by Rosa Bogar
  Their undeniable marks on the world!: Althea Gibson, Eartha Kitt, Katherine Dunham, Constance Baker Motley
7-8am Rhythm Recipes: The Way She Moves, Hosted by Alicia Steele & Sarah White
  Mixing up healthy movement, recipes and the sounds that inspire them, or the other way around.
8-9am Why Are We in America, Hosted by Alla Staroseletskaya
  A conversation with Russian feminisits about their experience coming to America.
9-10am Stolen Childhoods, Hosted by Madeline Ramirez & Produced by Meera Miller
  Investigating the issue of underage sex-trafficking in the Twin Cities
10-11am Women & Climate Change, Hosted by Stefanie Levi, Karen Redleaf, Gayathri, Ramanathan, & Christine Frank
  How global climate change affects women and what they're doing about it.
11-12pm Swing Sets, Hosted by Sabrina Crews
  A Salute to All-Girl Swing Bands
12-1pm Valley Girls & Sunset Chicks: Women Behind the California Sound, Hosted by Liberty Finch
  Highlighting female artists who contributed to the quintessential California sound, and paved the way for a new generation of women.
1-2pm Live from the Women of the World Poetry Slam, Hosted by Cynthia French
  A conversation with guests from Women of the World Poetry Slam, which takes place in Minneapolis March 6-9, about women in slam poetry.
2-3pm Mini Skirts & Go Go Boots: Girl Group Sounds of the 60's, Hosted by Mick Novak
  An exploration of classic girl groups, including some lesser-known groups
3-4pm Sisters Got Soul, Hosted by Aisha Gomez
  A soulful lady-led musical trip around the world & through time.
4-5pm Seeking Gender Justice (Stories from the Front Lines), Hosted by Lisa Stratton
  Several women who fought, and won, uphill battles against sex discrimination in the workplace will share stories and inspiration.
5-6pm Brazilian Women’s Voices, Hosted by Helena do Sol
  Ondas do radio cheias de brazucas: Filling the airwaves with music and news of Brazilian women.
6-7pm Teenage Girls Health: As it Relates to Girls Bullying, Hosted by Ivy
  A discussion on girls bullying and the health effects related to it.
7-8pm Women Walking the Mississippi River Water Walk 2013, Hosted by Dixie Treichel
  Indigenous women in the walk from the Headwaters to the Gulf of Mexico discuss the preciousness of water. 
8-9pm Living with Brain Injuries, Hosted by Marie G. Cooney
  Women with brain injuries, family, friends, and professionals share their experiences, challenges, and success stories about reclaiming their lives after a brain injury has changed everything.
9-10:30pm R Is For Raps, Hosted by Takara & Emily
  Exploring the History of Women in Rap in the United States.
10:30-12am Witches,Werewolves & Starship Captains:Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Hosted by Rachel Gold & Catherine Lundoff
  Two Twin Cities authors discuss some of the best works by and featuring women in science fiction and fantasy, past and present that you might not have heard of yet.
                          IWD SPECIAL PROGRAMMING by KFAI Programmers:
                                             Wed. March 6, 2-6am
The Echo Chamber celebrates Internaional Women's Day with Beautiful Sounds of Women…Around the World
                                             Sat. March 9, 12-1:30pm
Collective Eye Celebrates International Women's Day with an exclusive live interview with Lila Downs and Linda Passon McNally, in connection with opening of art exhibit of Allen Downs, Lila's father, at Nash Gallery.
                                             Thur March 21, 7-8pm
Fresh Fruit Celebrates International Women's Day with queer womyn in theater, film and literature
                                              Sun March 24, 10-11    

 "Civil Rights In the City: Women’s Voices" hosted by Patricia Nelson on the WAVE ProjectTopical conversation with women serving on the Minneapolis Civil Rights Commission and the League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions.

                                              Sat March 30, 12-1:30pm 

Collective Eye Celebrates International Women with Beverly Cottman and Women Writers/Cultural Activists/Warriors on Zora Neale Hurston's 1928 essay, HOW IT FEELS TO BE COLORED ME.

                                              Sun, March 31, 10-11am
Without a Voice: Minority Women in Pakistan, hosted by Noreen Nazir on the WAVE Project. Pakistani women from non-Muslim communities discuss the double discrimination of being a woman and being non-Muslim in Pakistan.


IWD 2013 Program Committee: Susan Gray, Emily Krumberger, Rmay Rivard, Beth Shaw, Dixie Treichel

Special Thanks: KFAI Staff, hosts, guests, mentors, engineers, Janis Lane Ewart, food donors and all the volunteers who helped with this event.

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