FRI.JUNE 28 on CATALYST: Civil Rights Reversals/Justice for Terrence Franklin

FRI.JUNE 28, 9am:TUNE IN  to KFAI RADIO  on CATALYST to hear updates on the police killing of Minneapolis DJ/hip hop artist, Terrence Franklin in May and how the community is responding (event below). Plus: other current issues of civil rights reversals with the Supreme Court gutting of the Voting Rights Act. Host Lydia Howell

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North Mpls (Broadway&Dupont)
Friday June 28 6pm
We Demand: Prosecution of the Police
   Friday May 10 Terrance (Mookie) Franklin was killed by police in south Minneapolis after being chased. Terrance was shot in the back of the head 5 times and in the back twice in what appeared to be an execution in the basement of a house on 27th and Bryant Avenue south. Terrance was unarmed, but police claim that he tried to grab a police sub machine gun and shot two officers before he was killed. We don’t believe the police’s version!
   Mookie had not committed a crime. He was supposedly accused by someone of having committed a burglary the week before. Mookie should have been given his day in court.
   According to a Malcolm X Grassroots Institute report last year, a black person in the U.S. was killed by police or security every 36 hours.
   Join us to demand justice for Terrance and that Minneapolis SWAT team Officer Lucas Peterson who reportedly admitted shooting him and other officers involved in his death be arrested and charged.
The Twin Cities stood up for Trayvon now let’s stand up for Terrance!
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