KFAI | Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The KFAI Community Advisory Board (CAB) meets annually. The CAB works independently to assess KFAI’s methods of community responsiveness and assist in building new pathways to meet the educational and informational needs of the people we serve by evaluating KFAI’s strategic and financial goals to ensure we’re meeting our mission at all levels of the organization, from governance to ground-level community engagement, and see to it that we’re honoring our commitment to amplifying the voices, music, stories, and perspectives of our community’s most marginalized such as identities within the imperial/colonial and trade diasporas and the LGBTQIA and Two-Spirit communities.

KFAI has dedicated the last few years to recentering our mission, vision, and values with diversity, equity, inclusion, and access at the center to increase the effectiveness of our cultural, environmental, health, and economic justice work and bridge cross-cultural and multigenerational divides. As a part of this process, we’re recasting the Community Advisory Board to help guide our work and partner with others to grow our local network of like-minded partners.
If you want to join the work, please email hello [at] kfai [dot] org for more details.


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