Fanfare Ciocarlia -photos from their concert at the Cedar- September 26, 2012


The lightning-fast Roma (Gypsy) brass Romania’s legendary Fanfare Ciocărlia came back to U.S. and Canada for a tour in September, 2012.

They came to Minneapolis for the first time and the concert was on September 26, 2012 at the Cedar. It was an unforgettable experience from the coming on stage dressed as secret agents, to playing for the dancers among the public, to the wedding-like atmosphere at the end of the show that no one wanted to stop!

Fanfare Ciocărlia, the brass orchestra from the village of Zece Prajini in northeastern Romania, is one of the world's foremost live Gypsy bands.

“Sometimes when I tell people I come from Zece Prajini, they think I come from the end of the earth,” says trumpeter Costic “Cimai” Trifan. “But here, at the end of the earth, is the right place to make music.”

Fanfare Ciocărlia’s thumping bass, driving percussion and spinning horn solos plunge listeners straight into the uproarious world of Romanian Roma (Gypsy) parties, which can last for thirty hours at a stretch.

Here are photos from the Fanfare Ciocărlia's concert in Minneapolis: