KFAI Fresh Air Radio
1808 Riverside Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55454

We’re located on the 3rd floor of the Bailey Building. Metered parking is available on Riverside Ave. There’s also a parking lot connected to the building. You can access the lot via Cedar Ave by turning onto South 3rd Street and entering the flat lot with the yellow raise/lower arm. The station entrance is in the alley between our building and Acadia Cafe. Unfortunately, we can’t validate on-street parking.

Office Phone: 612-341-3144
Studio Phone: 612-341-0980

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Nora Doherty (she/they)
General Manager & Executive Director (GM/ED)
January 2022-present | full-time

Nora works with the board of directors to ensure we are equipped to meet the organization’s goals. Nora oversees the organization’s daily activities, including administration, program management, community engagement, and graphic design. Areas of oversight include regulatory compliance, strategic initiatives, financial performance, risk management, and administrative leadership.

As the designated Chief Operator, Nora is responsible for maintaining the health and operations of the analog and digital broadcast networks. When technical issues beyond their scope of knowledge arise, Nora is responsible for delegating assignments to consulting and contract technical broadcast engineers.

Are you curious about how decisions are made? On the fourth Monday of each month, during KFAI’s Board of Directors monthly meeting, Nora presents a General Manager’s Board Report detailing organizational activity, including leadership vision, financial insights, upcoming programming, and more. View the collection of Nora’s monthly General Manager’s Reports here.

Strategic vision? [email protected] | call or text: 612-887-4343
Engineering question? [email protected]
Want to collaborate? [email protected]

Miguel Vargas (he/him)
Program Director
2013-2014, November 2021-present | full-time

Miguel oversees the programming and daily operations of 90.3FM, a 24/7/365 broadcast schedule comprising 84 KFAI volunteer-produced programs in nine languages (Amharic, English, Filipino, French, Somali, Spanish, Vietnamese, Oromo, and Tigrinya). Miguel and the GM/ED work together to ensure the broadcast schedule meets our mission to broadcast information, art, and entertainment that serves audiences of diverse racial, social, and economic backgrounds. Miguel works one-on-one with the program hosts to ensure they’ve got everything they need to make the radio you love.

As backup Chief Operator, Miguel is responsible for contributing to the health and operations of the analog and digital broadcast networks through collaboration with the GM/ED and the consulting and contract technical broadcast engineers.

Programming inquiry? [email protected] | call or text: 612-887-4334
Engineering question? [email protected]
Submit a program proposal here via Google Forms.

Debra Gonsioroski (she/her)

Business and Membership Administrator
March 2013-present | full-time

Debbie oversees all transactional data related to vendor activity: accounts payable and receivable, invoice creation and tracking, donation receipts, web store purchases, donor acknowledgments, membership fulfillments, bulk-mailing, and all things sweet and kind.

Need help? [email protected] | call or text: 612-887-4348

Ellie Zimmerman (they/she)

Volunteer Coordinator
January 2024-present | part-time

Ellie is the central figure supporting KFAI’s volunteer-powered operations. The Volunteer Coordinator is a trusted and critical member of the staff, aiding in achieving our mission and contributing to the growth of our vision by supporting our volunteers. The primary function of the Volunteer Coordinator is to inspire, expand, engage, and retain the activities of our volunteer base.

Ellie works closely with the GM/ED, Program Director, Cart Crew, and Board Ops Trainers to help you find your spot in the organization!

Want to pitch in? [email protected] | [email protected] | call: 612-887-4200

Ciara Cagemoe (she/her)
Underwriting Associate
March 2023-present | contract

Ciara (Kee-rah) manages a vibrant portfolio of dedicated, loyal, sustaining underwriters. Ready to become a sustaining underwriter? [email protected]

Please fill out this form to submit a limited-duration underwriting inquiry or email [email protected], and we’ll reply within 3-5 business days.

Mason Butler (he/him)

Former KFAI Staff Member
After May 3, 2024, stay connected with Mason via¬†[email protected] and tune in weekly to Pardon My Dust on¬†Tuesdays from 10 to noon.


Julie Censullo
MinneCulture Editor & Legacy Program Manager
February 2022-present

Have audio storytelling experience and want to pitch a MinneCulture segment idea? Make a connection by emailing [email protected].


Want to share the music you make with KFAI? Connect by emailing [email protected]! Due to the volume of requests, you may not hear from us to confirm receipt of your submission, but we’re proud of your hard work and honored you thought to share it with us.

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