KFAI’s Metal Meltdown begins at midnight

KFAI will have it’s 6th Annual Tribute to Earl Root with the 24 Hours of the Metal Meltdown beginning at midnight on Thursday, May 23rd.

Here’s a list of hosts, and rundown of what to expect throughout the day:

12am-6am: Dark Mistress and Bridgetroll bringing you the best in 90s/00s Metal

6am-11am: Ungentle Ben and Thrashmaster Kellerman

11am-3pm: Doof Lawyer

3pm-8pm: Shadow Planet, hosted by Mara the Death – with a 6pm live performance from Domidium

8pm-10pm: Darth Riffeous of Roar of the Underground – with a 9pm live performance from Eudaemon

10pm-12am: Metal Evangelist of the Roar of the Underground