MinneCulture | Diverse musical stylings converge in “Estuary”

An estuary is place where river water converges with another body of water. It is also the title of a new musical collaboration by percussionist/keyboardist Zack Baltich, singer Ritika Ganguly, guitarist Ilan Blanck, and violinist Cam Fassett. “Estuary” will release on May 31 on Bamdcamp.com, and the group will be performing the music on June 9 at the Cedar Cultural Center.

A mix of electronic, synth, folk, Indian classical and modern blues, the project brings together different styles of music that are all firmly rooted in a sense of space. Baltich’s wife, Maggie Faye, has also contributed to the project, collaborating on a driftwood-inspired set, and creating animations for a forthcoming music video.

KFAI’s Sheila Regan spoke with Baltich and Ganguly about the project.

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