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Immoralis was founded by members Jens Andersen and Adam Standon. Upon finishing his schooling at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. Jens returned to Minnesota. Jens and Adam both ran in similar music scenes from Minnesota and were introduced through a mutual acquaintance. The music project began with Jens and Adam focusing on where their influences overlapped and began to design the sound of Immoralis. Jens and Adam met Jaci at the Mall Of America and through chit-chat found out she was a bassist. We invited her over to show her our music. We left her with some songs and she auditioned later on. Passing with flying colors, she became the bass player. Next, Jens found Matt one night browsing through Youtube and watched him doing a drum cover of "This Calling" by All That Remains and contacted him to give kudos. After chatting with us Matt decided to learn some songs for us via Youtube and video recorded his ideas. Shortly after, Matt joined and packed up to move to Minnesota from Washington. Next, we found Tori who responded to a Craigslist ad for a "Metal Keyboardist". We were all blown away with her style and classical training. We then met her at a Denny's restaurant in downtown Minneapolis and offered her the position. Lastly, Jesse we also found on Craigslist. He sent us a demo of his vocals over a track and we were very impressed. We invited him over for a meeting and clicked right off the bat. His ability and humbleness was exactly what we were looking for in a frontman that represents us as a whole. In addition to the members and sound, another area of focus was the message. Immoralis would stand for good ethics and a strong character needed in the individual who chooses to make his destiny and shape his world for the better. Immoralis would also promote a message of equality and unity for the human race. It was this message coupled with an open heart and mind that carried this band through all the hardships it would face. Immoralis is a band that will continue to push its limits creatively in order to inspire fans and themselves to reach higher, push harder, and work together for a better future.

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May 22, 2014

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