Wave Project

Community Access Radio

Community radio presented by and representing members of the community, the Wave Project is KFAI's public access hour.

Create your own one hour radio show: you make it up and you present it. You bring your own music, poetry, ideas, opinions, friends - whatever.

We put your show on the air and provide a professional radio engineer, all the equipment, and expertise.

If you want a specific date for your show, please submit your abstract as soon as you can, so you won't be disappointed.

Groups, organizations, and individuals are welcome.

Send an e-mail to: kfaipublicaccess@yahoo.com for more information on how you can get on the air. Also check our Facebook page: KFAI WAVE PROJECT

Submit an electronic application (preferable):
(IMPORTANT: First save the electronic application to your computer, then complete it, and send it as an e-mail attachment.)
Electronic Application

Or download, complete, and mail an application:
Application PDF

When you get an air date, download the programming guide:
Program Development PDF

Recent Playlists

4/13/2014 Wave Project -- Connect the Dots: Record Store Day Special

PEACE THROUGH SUPERIOR SONIC ROCK ACTION – a p’drive tribute to Scott Rock Action Asheton
Music from the Motor City when it mattered.

3/30/2014 Wave Project
3/23/2014 Wave Project: IWD Extension Show

Celebrating Your Best Self & Excellence
Frangena Johnson

3/16/2014: Womens' Voices in Punk Rock

With Christina Cerruti.

3/9/2014: Women and Animals: A Parallel Oppression (IWD Programming)

Women activists inspired by the feminist book : “The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-

3/2/2014: PipJazz

With Pippi Ardennia and Melinda J.

2/23/2014: Foolish Mortals 3-D!

With The Fetterley Brothers.

2/16/2014: You'll Never Walk Alone: Drum Corps in America

With Rebecca Warren, Todd Tanji, Reilly Tillman, Scott Kolman-Keen, and Justin Foell.

2/9/2014: Power of Kirtan

With Priya.