Wave Project

Community Access Radio

Community radio presented by and representing members of the community, the Wave Project is KFAI's public access hour.

Create your own one hour radio show: you make it up and you present it. You bring your own music, poetry, ideas, opinions, friends - whatever.

We put your show on the air and provide a professional radio engineer, all the equipment, and expertise.

If you want a specific date for your show, please submit your abstract as soon as you can, so you won't be disappointed.

Groups, organizations, and individuals are welcome.

Send an e-mail to: kfaipublicaccess@yahoo.com for more information on how you can get on the air. Also check our Facebook page: KFAI WAVE PROJECT

Submit an electronic application (preferable):
(IMPORTANT: First save the electronic application to your computer, then complete it, and send it as an e-mail attachment.)
Electronic Application

Or download, complete, and mail an application:
Application PDF

When you get an air date, download the programming guide:
Program Development PDF

Recent Playlists

7/27/2014 Wave Project
7/20/2014 Wave Project
7/13/2014 Wave Project

From Fridley Community Theatre (http://fridleycommunitytheatre.org/). Kiss me Kate upcoming show.

7/6/2014: 100% Galsen

100% GALSEN – DJ Minna Zhou spins an hour of Senegalese Hip Hop, from old school to present day. Senegal Up!

6/29/2014:Voice of Karen

With Lone Shwe Paung.

6/22/2014: The Yolk's on You - Raising Chickens in the City

With Mordechai & Jane Hershtein

6/15/2014: Father's Day Special

With Anthony Tunstall.

6/8/2014: Songspiel

with James Osborne

6/1/2014: Morning Wake-up With Rajib

With Rajib Bahar , Shakti, and other musical guests.

5/25/2014: Veterans For Peace

With Dave Logsdon, Bill Hadenak, Barry Reisch, Steve McKewen