6/30/2013: Minnesota Drug Laws in Action: Your Tax Dollars at Work


A conversation with three Minnesota residents who have personally been impacted by the state's drug laws, and one live song.

Host: Leila Giannetti


Randy Quast, Minneapolis, MN

Randy, a retired successful businessman with no criminal record, tells his story of how a break-in lead to the police coming 'swat-style' into his home, and the property he lost as a result of the civil forfeiture law.

Fluffy & Mary Jane, Northfield, MN

Fluffy & Mary Jane, a young couple known and loved in their community, tell their story of how a family member ratted them out to the police and their kids were taken away from them for two months.

Nick L., Northfield, MN

Nick plays an excellent song he wrote for his friends Fluffy & Mary Jane after their run-in with the law.

Playlist Tracks: 
Jimmy Cliff - I Walk With Love
Album: Humanitarian; Label: Eureka
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Get Up, Stand Up
Album: Africa Unite: The Singles Collection; Label: Tough Gong/Island