5/13/2012 Wave Project


Through the eyes of two Minneapolis comedians posing as KFAI DJs, Alex Stein and Andy Erikson bring about a reckoning of their favorite music, a discussion on what kids these days are in to, and gameplay tips for playing Donkey Kong. Keep your dancing shoes close by, your laughing hat on tight, and remember to bring your mom cuz it's Mother's Day.
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You can also follow @kfaiFMradio (which is what Alex volunteers on).

Playlist Tracks: 
Black Lips - Bad Kids
Album: Good Bad Not Evil; Label: Vice Records
Say Hi To Your Mom - Hooplas Involving Circus Tricks
Album: Numbers and Mumbles; Label: Euphobia
Dan Deacon - The Crystal Cat
Album: Spiderman of the Rings; Label: Carpark Records
Valley Meadows - Don't Substitute Respect For Me
Album: Valley Meadows; Label: private
Jean-Claude Van Jamme - Circle Of Heat
Album: Big Wheelin' Hot Stuff; Label: private
The Knife - Parade
Album: The Knife; Label: The Knife
Now, Now - Everyone You Know
Album: Cars; Label: Afternoon Records
Mechanical Asparagus Project - Man-Hamster
Album: Prophesy of the Hamster Messiah; Label: private
Kopecky Family Band - Birds
Album: The Disaster; Label: Kopecky Family Band
Modest Mouse - Trailer Trash
Album: The Lonesone Crowd West; Label: Up
Alex Stein and Andy Erikson. - Twitter
Topics: Twitter tips.
Alex Stein and Andy Erikson. - Donkey Kong
Topics: Donkey Kong tips.