Volunteer FAQ

Open Volunteer Positions

Front Desk Manager every other Tuesday or Wednesday morning

The Front Desk person is the face and voice of KFAI; the Front Desk Manager is the first KFAI representative a visitor will encounter, whether coming in the front door, or calling KFAI on the phone. Visitors are often relieved to hear a real person answer the phone, and the personal service of welcoming someone to the station cannot be underestimated. The job is vital for communication across the entire station...and it's a great way to learn more about other volunteers and people at KFAI. Two positions are open: 9am - 1pm every other Tuesday and 9am - 1pm every other Wednesday. Contact Pam to sign up! 

Volunteer Engagement Manager

Work with Pam Hill to review volunteers’ 6-month anniversaries & send emails asking if want to continue in position; review volunteers’ one-year anniversaries and send congratulations postcard; look up newly-added volunteers and invite them to forum; be sure new volunteers are added to scheduling software with “production” and “outreach rep” job abilities; (monthly) look up active volunteers’ birthdays and send to Web Page Manager; (quarterly) review volunteer hours log reports against active volunteers in database to be sure we know who is active; put info requests in boxes of program hosts if new name shows up on report and we have little or no contact information for volunteer—will use “phill” address and will receive training. Commitment: 1 ½ hours weekly, daytime or early evening hours fine, need access to the database—once learn the database could be done on weekends at station. Contact Pam to sign up! 

For positions in the news department, contact Dale Connelly: 612-341-3144 x 16 or daleconnelly@kfai.org.

Frequently Asked Questions About Volunteering at KFAI
Volunteers at work for KFAIVolunteers at work for KFAI

How do I become a volunteer?

There are four steps to becoming a volunteer:

1. Review the list of open volunteer positions.

-Are you interested in any of these positions? Then contact Pam Hill Kroyer, and let her know which position most interests you!
-If you are not interested in any of the open positions available, please know the list is updated when new positions become available.

 2. Read the most important parts of the New Volunteer Handbook to begin volunteering, and keep a link to the handbook for you to refer to as a useful guide to KFAI. Click the title below to open the handbook in PDF format:

KFAI New Volunteer Handbook

If you cannot open a PDF file, please contact Pam Hill Kroyer to request a printed copy.

3. Did you really read the Letter of Agreement and Terms of Service in the Handbook? They're important, so please do! And...

4. Fill out a New Volunteer Profile so that KFAI may keep in touch with you.

How can I get my own show on KFAI?
The ideal first step is to become an active volunteer by getting started in a position and being sure we have your contact information. You are then eligible to take free training classes that can help prepare you to become a programmer. Once you have completed basic classes, you will be in a better position to apply for program openings. Please note, you can apply for your own program before you become an active volunteer. In the event of a contest for an open time slot, however, more weight is given to current volunteers' proposals.

What do KFAI volunteers do?
Nearly everything! Volunteers produce programming, work in the music library, represent the station at events, participate in committees, create station promos, contribute to the web site, and much more.

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