6/23/2013 Voices Of Ethiopia

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shambel belayneh - yager leg
Album: traditon; Label: unknown
eden chekole - studen at the university of St Thomas
Topics: she discus the paper she wrote for Mcnair scholar program research journal titled 1st generation Ethiopian American Youth and identity,negotiations,national and ratiolal identities.
Mr Edward Mcdonald - officer of The Council On Black Minnesotans
Topics: discus upcoming conferance between the council on black minnesotans and african immigrants to learn from each other about history and culture. also about the three day conferance on celeberating communalities and ,fosteringharmony and groth.
Dawit Worku - president of Ethiopian reserch and writing club in Minnesota.
Topics: Discus the above conferance with Mr Mcdonald and the host of the program.
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June 23, 2013

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