Vietnam-Minnesota Radio

Viet Minnesota Radio (VMNR) provides Vietnamese listeners in the Twin Cities with news from the land of 10,000 lakes, the United States, and the world. It provides news about Viet Nam and Vietnamese people everywhere.

VMNR fosters the values of democracy, freedom, and social justice. It is the bridge to strengthen understanding between people and communities.

In each 60 minute program, VMNR brings you news, arts and entertainment, and interviews and discussion of issues affecting its listeners - culture, health, education, lifestyle, social issues, law and immigration.

VMNR is a collaboration of Vietnamese professionals, artists, writers, and journalists in Minneapolis/St. Paul and from all over the world. It is operated by dedicated people in Minnesota as a venue to reach Vietnamese households.

Ban Việt Ngữ VMNR đang cần nhiều thiện nguyện viên để cùng với chúng tôi làm các buổi phát thanh mỗi tuần một lần. Nếu bạn biết đọc tiếng Việt, chúng tôi cần bạn giúp đọc tin tức.

Tham gia VMNR, xin liên lạc với anh Lê Quan Khiêm tại số (952) 200-7440 hoặc qua email:

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